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Claire Highton-Stevenson felt she was born to tell stories. Never happier than when she is crafting her next intricate plot, and putting the girl next door in a unique circumstance, Claire has written more than fifteen novels in just six years.


Claire loves to bend the rules and enjoys writing heart-pounding psychological thrillers just as much as passionate romances.


One central thread throughout Claire's works is strong, independent women who love women. 

Latest Release

Cast Away Her Fears

Everyone has someone who's Kryptonite, right?

When Connie Drake met Jenny McGregor, it felt as though the universe had conspired to bring them together; that fate was somehow stepping in to finally create the perfect partnership Connie had always wanted. Because Jenny ticked every one of Connie’s boxes.


Falling head over heels in love, however, didn’t quite go to plan.

Jenny’s fears for the future, and her past experiences, have left her unable to sustain a long-term relationship, and much to Connie’s distress, Jenny leaves.

Heartbroken, and encouraged by her best pals, Debs and Ashley, Connie decides that she needs to move on. Moping around isn’t helping. What she needs is to get away from it all; take some time out and relax, and the perfect opportunity comes along in the form of a Luxury Shipwrecked holiday adventure. Ten glorious nights basking in the Bahama sunshine, completely alone, is the perfect Jenny antidote.

Or does the Universe have one more trick up its sleeve?

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