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Claire Highton-Stevenson felt she was born to tell stories. Never happier than when she is crafting her next intricate plot, and putting the girl next door in a unique circumstance, Claire has written more than fifteen novels in just six years.


Claire loves to bend the rules and enjoys writing heart-pounding psychological thrillers just as much as passionate romances.


One central thread throughout Claire's works is strong, independent women who love women. 

Latest Release

Blinded  by Love

Hannah Pascoe is an independent, beautiful young woman, enjoying life and what it has to offer. And right now, that’s a date with the deliciously gorgeous Carrie Kimble. Introduced by friends, Hannah has been daydreaming about this moment, and just when she thinks her life might actually be complete, tragedy strikes. 

A terrorist bomb explodes across the street, the café’s window imploding seconds later, and when Hannah wakes up in the hospital, she can’t see. 

Dealing with her injury, Hannah has much to overcome, but it’s when she meets Erica, a volunteer support worker at the hospital, that she starts to come to terms with her sight loss and understand that although her life is changed, it’s not over. 
With Erica’s help, Hannah gets a place at the rehab centre where Erica is a mentor. Erica is able to help Hannah relearn the confidence to undertake the tasks that most people take for granted. A simple bath or cup of tea is now a very different undertaking, but not impossible, and Hannah is determined to overcome her fears.

But being this close to Erica brings another issue for Hannah, one that she didn’t expect…she’s falling for her.

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